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Who is Timothy Sykes from Profitly?


Timothy Sykes is a well-known penny stock trader who became famous after turning an initial investment of $12,415 into $7,310,865 during his time in college. He’s currently listed as a trading Guru on

A Bit of Background

Although Tim Sykes is perhaps best known for his successful high-risk penny stock trading, he has many other accolades and achievements under his belt.

Before becoming a profitable trader who focuses primarily on penny stocks, Sykes was a young, middle-class boy growing up in Connecticut. Although Tim had always been enamored by the idea of trading stocks, this wasn’t always his first career choice.

In fact, Tim didn’t commit to a life of trading until an injury put his then-successful tennis career on the back burner. After the injury, Tim made the decision to get serious about trading.

After receiving $12,415 in Bar Mitzvah money, Tim Sykes convinced his parents to let him invest his money and start trading stocks. His initial investments began in 1999, just before he headed off to college.

Tim began attending Tulane University in 2000, studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (with a minor in business). He graduated in 2003, despite routinely skipping classes in pursuit of his day trading endeavors.

However, in addition to the effort he put into his studies, his efforts in high-risk penny stock trading also paid off. By the time he graduated, Tim was a self-made millionaire.

In only three years, Timothy Sykes had turned $12,415 into a grand total of $1.65 million.

Where was Timothy Sykes before Profitly?

After college, Timothy’s successful trading performance prompted him to establish Cilantro Fund, a short bias hedge fund. However, rather than his usual trading activities, Tim tried using long-term strategies with the hedge fund.

Unfortunately, this didn’t play out well for him. Tim Sykes’ fund lost 35% in the stock market before collapsing. However, it was around this time that he began to gain recognition across the entire industry.

This recognition prompted Tim to self-publish a book, “An American Hedge Fund: How I Made $2 Million as a Stock Operator & Created a Hedge Fund”, which documented his financial journey—warts and all—so far.

From here, Tim went on to appear on the show “Wall Street Warriors,” a documentary/reality TV show that focused on Wall Street entrepreneurs and the famous stock market trading industry.

He also served as a newsletter writer for TheStreet from 2007 to 2008.

Current Occupation

Currently, Tim Sykes is the CEO of TLC Media LLC, the company behind Profitly is a unique trade tracking and trading education business. Of course, many other websites offer tracking and trading courses, but that’s not what makes this trading education business different.

Profitly is unique in the sense that it adds a sense of social media to trading, via trading chat, forums, and trade sharing. In other words, investors can see the market movements of other users and—if they wish—share their own trades as well.

The website even shares trading records for gurus, so you’ll be able to use the service to see what trades Tim has made recently. You can also subscribe to Tim’s own trading courses, which will provide you with investing guidance based on Tim’s trading strategies.

With an ever-expanding user base of over 150,000 users (many of which the website claims are millionaire students), is the most unique service Tim has ever released to the public.

Aside from, Tim has also been responsible for a few other resources. In addition to publishing newsletters and instructional DVD sets, he designed StocksToTrade (which doubles as a stock screener/trading platform) and set up Investimonials, a website designed to give users reviews on various types of financial products.

Timothy also offers a penny trading course called the “Millionaire Challenge.” For a subscription of $197/month, this course will give you access to Tim’s various education trading materials and a dedicated penny stock trading chat room.

Other services offered include “Tim’s Alerts” and “Pennystocking Silver.”

Tim’s Alerts gives members trading alerts, access to the daily stock recommendations, ProfiDing trade alerts, and chat room access.
Pennystocking Silver builds upon these services, adding over 6,000 video lessons and additional weekly lessons into the mix.

Notable Accomplishments

Tim’s most notable accomplishment was his initial trading performance during his time at college. Starting with only $12,415, Tim took to the stock market and turned his initial investment into an impressive sum of $1.65 within only a few years.

Tim currently has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

Reviews Recommendations

“Tim is clear, driven, experienced, articulate, and market savvy. If Tim speaks, I will always listen.”

Charles Wm. Stewart, OD

CEO and Director, Konan Medical USACEO and Director, Konan Medical

“Timothy’s seminar on Penny stocks and short selling are A+.”

Harry Yeh

Managing Partner of Quantum Fintech GroupManaging Partner of Quantum Fintech Group

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