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UProfit Trader Discount Code: Leveraging Discounts in Prop Trading


UProfit Trader is a distinguished prop trading firm that empowers traders with the tools they need to excel in the market. The company offers features and services to facilitate futures trading across assets such as Equity Futures, Metals Futures, Energy Futures, and more.

The firm offers different programs tailored to different experience levels, from those finding their footing to seasoned professionals seeking to expand their trading horizons.

But what we’re excited to share with you today is our UProfit Trader discount code “RELAX30”. This code unlocks a 30% discount on the various programs, making them even more accessible for aspiring traders. Whether you’re eyeing the Basic Program to start your journey or the Premium Program to hone your advanced skills, the discount code ensures a financially friendlier gateway.
Save 30% with the coupon code ‘RELAX30’ on UProfit Trader

An Overview of UProfit Trader 

UProfit Trader is a renowned prop trading firm in Texas with a reputation for providing unparalleled opportunities to futures traders. Specializing in various instruments, the firm offers four programs. Each program is tailored to different experience levels.

A significant attraction of UProfit Trader is the choice between four different trading programs, each structured to meet varying needs and levels of expertise:

The Basic Program: Ideal for beginners, it provides a $9,000 trading account at an affordable $89/month, further reduced by using the UProfit Trader discount code “RELAX30”.
The Advanced Program: This program gives access to a $50,000 account at $160/month for those looking to take the next step.
The Elite Program: Designed for consistent traders, offers a $100,000 account at $315/month.
The Premium Program: Reserved for the highly skilled, this program presents a $200,000 account at $580/month.

These programs are diverse and economically accessible, thanks to the promo code “RELAX30”, which offers a 30% reduction on the monthly cost.

Trading Instruments with UProfit Trader

UProfit Trader offers an extensive array of trading instruments, allowing traders broad market access, encompassing various sectors and commodities. This includes Equity Futures, Foreign Exchange Futures, Agricultural Futures, Energy Futures, Interest Rate Futures, and Metals Futures.

UProfit Trader Evaluation

UProfit Trader streamlines the process of getting funded by offering a one-step evaluation process that is accessible and straightforward. Unlike many other prop firms that may have multiple phases, UProfit simplifies the path with specific guidelines for all aspiring traders.

During the Evaluation Process, traders need to trade for at least five days. This requirement ensures a level of commitment and engagement from the trader. Traders must follow profit targets, max drawdown, and daily loss limit rules. These are crucial metrics that vary depending on the program and account size.

Additionally, it strictly requires all trades to be closed before 4:10 PM ET or earlier if the market for that product closes before that time. Trading can resume at 6:00 PM ET, but leaving positions open for the weekend is prohibited.

UProfit’s evaluation and rules structure reflects an approach that encourages new traders to embark on their journey while ensuring that essential standards are maintained. UProfit Trader reinforces its commitment to fostering successful trading experiences by providing clear guidelines.

Accounts and Rules

UProfit Trader programs cater to different levels of trading expertise. These programs come with varying account sizes, profit targets, maximum drawdowns, and daily loss limits. Here’s a closer look at these features:

The Basic Program:

Starting Capital: $9,000
Profit Target: $900 (10%)
Maximum Drawdown EOD: $800 (8.9%)
Daily Loss Limit: $350 (3.9%)
Safety Net: $800

The Advanced Program:

Starting Capital: $50,000
Profit Target: $2,500 (5%)
Maximum Drawdown EOD: $2,000 (4%)
Daily Loss Limit: $1,100 (2.2%)
Safety Net: $2500

The Elite Program:

Starting Capital: $100,000
Profit Target:$6,000 (6%)
Maximum Drawdown EOD: $3,000 (3%)
Daily Loss Limit: $2,200 (2.2%)
Safety Net: $4500

The Premium Program:

Starting Capital: $200,000
Profit Target: $10,000 (5%)
Maximum Drawdown EOD: $5,000 (2.5%)
Daily Loss Limit: $4,000 (2%)
Safety Net: $7500

In terms of leverage, UProfit Trader maintains a 1:1 leverage policy. This means the trading account balance is the buying power.

Furthermore, aspiring traders can benefit from the UProfit Trader discount code “RELAX30”. Applying this code provides a 30% discount on these programs, making it an even more appealing option. The well-structured programs and the discount offer create a valuable pathway for traders looking to succeed in the futures market.

Safety Net and Payout Structure

UProfit Trader adopts an approach that prioritizes trader security and incentive. This manifests in their Safety Net concept. It is a carefully designed system to support traders, especially during the initial 40 days of trading.

Safety Net Period:

For the first 40 days, the profit split is 50/50. This means the trader and UProfit get an equal share of the profits.
The Safety Net protects traders from losing their live trading account if an unexpected event occurs or if the trades don’t meet the goals.

After the Safety Net Period:

Once the 40-day Safety Net period ends, the profit split becomes more favorable to the trader at 80/20. The trader receives 80% of the profits, while UProfit retains 20%.
Remarkably, the first $8,000 in profits goes entirely to the trader, enhancing the reward potential.

The combination of the Safety Net concept and the beneficial profit split ratio aligns with UProfit’s commitment to providing supportive and lucrative trading opportunities.


UProfit Trader has emerged as a prominent prop trading firm, offering comprehensive services. UProfit Trader facilitates a trading environment that caters to various needs, from various trading instruments such as Equity Futures to different account sizes.

One of the standout features is the Safety Net concept, which aligns the firm’s interests with the trader. This ensures a fair profit split. Furthermore, the one-step evaluation process and clear rules reflect UProfit’s commitment to transparency.

Don’t forget about our UProfit Trader coupon code “RELAX30”. It offers a 30% discount, enhancing access to UProfit Trader’s market opportunities and potentially boosting your profits.

Now is the time to explore the opportunities presented by UProfit Trader. With distinct programs and a valuable discount code, entering the trading world has never been more inviting. Click here, take advantage of these features here, and start your trading journey with UProfit Trader.

Save 30% with the coupon code ‘RELAX30’ on UProfit Trader

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