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Tuesday: Small Business Survey


From Matthew Graham at Mortgage News Daily: New Issuance Keeping Pressure on Bonds Ahead of CPI
CPI-watching is all the more interesting these days due to the extreme prevalence of one particular month-over-month reading. Core monthly inflation came in at 0.6% no fewer than 8 times since the start of the pandemic, and 5 of those have been in 2022. No other level has been even half as prevalent. In annualized term, 0.6% represents a 7.2% core inflation rate–well over the current 6.6% level. The 2 most recent reports both came in at 0.6%, making it even more of a line in the sand–one that can help us identify a turning point. … [30 year fixed 7.25%]
emphasis addedTuesday:
• At 6:00 AM ET, NFIB Small Business Optimism Index for October.

Fed Survey: Banks reported Tighter Standards, Weaker Demand for Most Loan Types; Stronger Demand for HELOCs

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