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TrendSpider Pricing: How to Select the Best Plan for Your Trading Strategy


In the fast-paced world of stock trading, having the right tools at your disposal can make or break success. One such tool that has caught the attention of traders worldwide is TrendSpider. Designed as a sophisticated stock analysis tool, TrendSpider provides real-time data and alerts. It allows traders to stay one step ahead of the market.

Understanding real-time data is crucial in the trading sphere. With markets fluctuating in the blink of an eye, having access to immediate information can lead to more informed decisions, timely actions, and potentially higher profits. Alerts help notify traders about significant market changes, enabling them to react promptly and strategically.

However, one vital aspect that often puzzles potential users is the pricing structure of such tools. As the need for advanced trading platforms like TrendSpider grows, understanding its pricing becomes essential for budget-conscious traders. This article aims to review TrendSpider‘s pricing, unraveling the different plans available and what they entail. Whether a novice or an expert, the information on TrendSpider’s pricing could be a decisive factor in your trading journey.

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Overview of TrendSpider

TrendSpider is more than just a tool; it’s a comprehensive platform designed to meet the multifaceted needs of stock traders. From beginners finding their footing in the trading world to seasoned professionals seeking that competitive edge, TrendSpider caters to a broad spectrum of users. Its primary purpose is to offer real-time data and advanced analytics that guide traders in making calculated decisions.

The platform’s target audience extends across different levels of trading expertise. It simplifies complex market data for novice traders, offering an easier entry into the trading world. Experienced traders, on the other hand, will find TrendSpider’s advanced features tailored to their sophisticated needs.

TrendSpider’s growth in the industry has been notable, earning it accolades and top recommendations. Its prominence isn’t merely a result of excellent marketing but reflects a genuine commitment to quality and innovation. The platform’s blend of usability, effectiveness, and continuous updates underscores its reputation as one of the best stock analysis tools.

Its pricing plans are structured to make this innovative tool accessible to a diverse audience.

TrendSpider Pricing: Finding the Right Plan

Understanding the TrendSpider pricing is vital for any trader considering the platform. With three distinct pricing tiers – Premium, Elite, and Advanced – TrendSpider offers options for various trading styles and budget constraints.

The Premium Plan: Suited for active traders who might have other day jobs, the Premium plan costs $39 per month or $33 ($396 per year) with an annual subscription. It’s the most basic of the three. Still, it offers access to basic features, including real-time market data on assets like US stocks, ETFs, and cryptos.

Subscribers can utilize charting and automated analysis features, two workspaces, and 25 dynamic alerts. Some limitations include the absence of intraday scanning and trading bots, making this plan ideal for longer-term investors who don’t require on-demand data and automated trading.

The Elite Plan: As TrendSpider’s most popular choice, the Elite plan costs $79 per month or $65 ($780 per year) with an annual subscription. It offers additional features and benefits tailored for experienced and frequent traders. It includes Indices (delayed) market data, backtesting, multi-factor alerts, intraday scanning, automatic anchoring, all asset insight features, and three trading bots for automated strategies.

Unlike the Premium plan, Elite allows four workspaces, up to 100 alerts, and 100 results per scan. It also offers unlimited training, phone support, and priority customer service. This plan provides more comprehensive tools and support for an enhanced trading experience.

The Advanced Plan: For career traders and pros, the Advanced Plan costs $129 per month or $97 ($1,164 per year) with an annual subscription. This plan unlocks all of TrendSpider’s features, providing a full suite of tools for serious trading. It doesn’t introduce new features but extends the Elite plan’s capabilities.

Subscribers can access six workspaces, set up to 250 alerts (lasting 90 days), and view 250 results per search. They also have access to five trading bots to automate trading further. Despite the lack of new features and the higher price, the Advanced plan is perfect for high-volume active traders who trade full-time.

Furthermore, using our TrendSpider Coupon code, you will get 20% off any plan and a 7-day free trial.

These varied options make TrendSpider’s pricing adaptable to different trading needs, allowing traders to choose a plan that aligns with their goals and budget. In the next section, we’ll compare TrendSpider with other similar services to help you make an informed decision.

TrendSpider vs. TradingView

When choosing the right stock analysis tool, comparing the costs and features is essential. Below is an annual cost comparison between TrendSpider and a similar service, TradingView.

Basic Plan
Intermediate Plan
Advanced Plan



Where TrendSpider stands out is its Value for Money invested. Although TrendSpider’s pricing is higher, it offers advanced functionalities suitable for expert and professional traders, unlike TradingView, which is more suited to new to intermediate traders. For example, all of TrendSpider’s plans include up to 16 charts per screen and over 190 built-in indicators.

In conclusion, while TradingView might be more attractive in pricing, TrendSpider provides more value with its comprehensive features, making it a preferable choice for serious traders. This insight into their comparative costs and features should assist in selecting the right tool based on individual trading needs and budgets.


TrendSpider has established itself as a leading stock analysis tool that caters to a broad spectrum of traders. The platform’s unique pricing structure, ranging from the Premium to the Advanced plan, provides flexibility to choose a subscription that aligns with your trading needs.

TrendSpider’s full range of features, such as Raindrop Chart, TrendSpider University, and an intuitive, fully functional mobile app, make the value proposition even more attractive. This comprehensive package ensures traders can effectively analyze and respond to market trends.

What sets TrendSpider apart is the transparency in its pricing, with no hidden fees and ease of subscription or cancellation process. The 7-day free trial allows potential users to test the platform’s capabilities without limitations.

If you are serious about trading, TrendSpider offers a compelling blend of features, usability, and value. With options for every trader and a 20% discount, now might be the ideal time to try TrendSpider. Whether you’re a casual trader looking for a supportive platform or professional seeking advanced tools, TrendSpider may be the perfect fit for your trading journey. Click here to explore what TrendSpider offers, and take advantage of the free trial and discount code today!

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