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TopStepTrader is a funded trader program that is gaining considerable attention in the futures trading space. The platform essentially provides traders an opportunity to trade without putting their own capital at risk, but it requires them to pass a set of rigorous trading evaluations first. This TopStepTrader review explores the basic facts of the platform, its unique features, pricing, and ways you can save money on subscription costs. Dive in and see for yourself.

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What Is TopStepTrader?

TopStepTrader is a specialized funded trader program that serves the futures trading market. The primary objective of this platform is to offer traders the chance to trade in real-time market conditions without putting their own capital at risk. To achieve this, TopStepTrader requires participants to undergo a series of rigorous evaluations to demonstrate their trading acumen. Those who successfully pass these evaluations are given access to a funded trading account, where they can trade a variety of futures contracts.

The program offers compatibility with 14 different trading platforms, accommodating traders with different technical preferences and requirements. This diversity in platform support allows traders to continue using software they are already comfortable and experienced with, thereby reducing the learning curve and facilitating smoother transitions to funded trading.

One of the unique selling propositions of TopStepTrader is its educational element. Beyond just funding, the platform aims to enhance the trading skills of its participants. This is evident in the simulated account phase that traders enter after passing the initial evaluations. This simulated environment serves as a practical educational tool where traders can refine their strategies and decision-making processes without financial risk

Features and Offerings

Trading Platforms: One of the standout aspects of TopStepTrader is its compatibility with a variety of trading platforms. The service supports as many as 14 different trading platforms, making it accessible and versatile for traders with diverse platform preferences.
Funded Account Options: While the service has always been known for its funded account options, it recently introduced a 1-Step program. This likely simplifies the process for traders to get funded but the details of this new offering remain unclear.
Pricing Structure: The pricing structure of TopStepTrader is directly linked to the type of funded account you aim for. Various packages are designed to suit traders with different needs and budget constraints.
Simulated Account: A noteworthy feature of the service is its simulated account. After successfully passing the initial evaluations, traders are moved to a simulated account where they can further refine their strategies before going live.

TopStep Trader Discount Code: Pricing

TopStepTrader offers a range of membership plans specifically designed for those who are trading on simulated accounts. Each membership tier comes with its own set of requirements and benefits. These plans are designed to help traders transition from simulation trading to a funded trader status:

$50k Buying Power Plan

Cost: $165 per month
Profit Target: $3,000 per evaluation step
Maximum Contracts: 5
Daily Loss Limit: $1,000
Trailing Drawdown: $2,000

$100k Buying Power Plan

Cost: $325 per month
Profit Target: $6,000 per evaluation step
Maximum Contracts: 10
Daily Loss Limit: $2,000
Trailing Drawdown: $3,000

$150k Buying Power Plan

Cost: $375 per month
Profit Target: $9,000 per evaluation step
Maximum Contracts: 15
Daily Loss Limit: $3,000
Trailing Drawdown: $4,500

TopStep Trader Discount Code

There are currently no Topstep promo codes that can be applied during the subscription process. However, there are alternative ways to receive a discount on their services.

For instance, the financial advice website Modest Money provides a unique link that offers a 20% discount on TopStepTrader subscriptions. By using this link, prospective traders can avail themselves of a significant reduction in the overall cost, making the program more affordable. It is advisable to look for such opportunities if you are considering joining TopStepTrader to ensure you are getting the best possible deal. Please note that such offers are subject to terms and conditions, and it is essential to read the fine print to understand the scope of the discount.

This 20% discount through Modest Money offers a valuable opportunity for traders who are interested in the program but may be hesitant due to budget constraints. Utilizing this alternative to TopStepTrader coupons could make the decision to join TopStepTrader easier, allowing you to focus more on honing your trading skills without worrying about the initial financial commitment.

TopStepTrader Discount Code: Final Verdict

TopStepTrader is a comprehensive funded trader program that goes beyond just providing capital to traders. Its diverse platform support, various funding options, and the emphasis on educational content make it a valuable service for both novice and experienced traders.

However, the program may not be suitable for everyone. The stringent evaluations are geared toward filtering out unskilled traders, so if you’re new to trading, you might find it challenging to get funded.

If you are a trader looking to polish your skills while having the opportunity to trade without risking your own capital, TopStepTrader could be an excellent option for you. Although there is no TopStepTrader discount code, take advantage of this link and save 20% off on this opportunity to explore the world of trading.

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