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Seeking Alpha Pro Vs Premium | Which Seeking Alpha Service Is Right for You?


If you keep up with the stock market online, chances are you’ve come across Seeking Alpha, a stock market news and investor service. While some content is free, much of it is paywalled. To get full access to Seeking Alpha, you need to become a paying subscriber.

However, Seeking Alpha offers two paid plans: Premium and Pro. How do they differ? Are they both worth the money? Is one better bang for your buck?

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about Seeking Alpha Pro vs Premium so you can decide for yourself which might be best for you.
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Seeking Alpha Overview

Before comparing Seeking Alpha’s Premium and Pro plans, let’s first take a look at Seeking Alpha itself (full review here).

Seeking Alpha is fairly similar to other informational investment sites such as Morningstar or Zacks. Launched in 2004, Seeking Alpha has become one of the world’s most visited online stock research websites, logging some 20 million-plus visits each month.

What these visitors have in common is that they’re after high-quality investment research, and Seeking Alpha tends to deliver on this front. Seeking Alpha is especially popular with retail investors who want to hand-pick stocks rather than use a robo-advisor or only invest in ETFs or mutual funds.

A key aspect of Seeking Alpha is that it depends on a huge pool of contributors. While it’s great to have a wide range of viewpoints, you may often come across conflicting opinions that may leave you uncertain about a particular stock, strategy, or trend.

With a basic (i.e. free) plan, you can get stock analysis email alerts, news updates, stock prices and charts, as well as Wall Street ratings for all stocks. You are locked out, however, from much of the website’s content, and you don’t get access to any premium features.

Now, let’s take a look at Seeking Alpha Pro vs Premium to see exactly what those memberships deliver.

Seeking Alpha Pro Vs. Premium

Seeking Alpha Premium

Seeking Alpha Premium provides subscribers with access to thousands of detailed analyses on just about every stock out there. This is the major benefit of the Premium subscription, as most of these analyses remain locked to non-subscribers.

Seeking Alpha Premium Features

Seeking Alpha Premium offers some key features compared to the Basic/Free plan, including the following:

Investment research – This is Seeking Alpha’s bread and butter. They provide more than 10,000 articles each month that are tagged as “investment ideas.” Whether short or long-term strategies, there is no shortage of investment research posted daily on Seeking Alpha.
Author ratings – A nice feature of Seeking Alpha is the ability to see the long-term track record of individual contributors. So before you pursue an investment idea of a given contributor, you can make sure that they have a solid history of investing success.
Quant ratings – Seeking Alpha developed its own proprietary quant ratings system, which rates stocks from Strong Sell to Strong Buy. Investors picking their Strong Buy recommendations would historically have performed extremely well (26+% average annualized returns).
Portfolio monitoring – Another great feature of Premium is the ability to integrate your portfolio by syncing your brokerage accounts with Seeking Alpha. This enables you to receive alerts, news, and articles specific to the tickers you’re personally invested in (literally).
And much more – Podcasts, up to 15 daily newsletters, investing strategies, and more.

Seeking Alpha Premium Pricing

Seeking Alpha Premium often has offers for new members. These usually consist of a low price for the first 30 days. After that period, Premium renews at $239/year.

You can use our Seeking Alpha Premium Coupon for even deeper savings: $99/year instead of $239.

Seeking Alpha Pro

Seeking Alpha Pro is the company’s top-tier subscription plan for unlimited access to investment analysis articles, reports, and tools. Plus, you get exclusive investment ideas through Pro member-only newsletters and articles.

Seeking Alpha Pro Features

Seeking Alpha Pro provides the same features as Seeking Alpha Premium (listed above). Plus, Pro subscribers get an array of additional benefits, including the following:

Top Ideas – Seeking Alpha Pro delivers high-conviction, hand-picked investment ideas exclusive to its Pro members.
Idea screener – The Pro filtering engine means that Pro subscribers can search by theme, industry, company size, and much more as they filter investment ideas.
Short ideas – A Pro membership provides special access to exclusive short ideas.
Exclusive content – Pro members receive access to exclusive newsletters, interviews, and email alerts.
Ad-free – Pro members won’t see any ads on Seeking Alpha.
VIP customer support – Pro members can count on top-notch customer service that puts them first in line.

Seeking Alpha Pro Pricing

Seeking Alpha Pro comes in at $499/year and there are not often low-priced deals as with Seeking Alpha Premium. This is for “pros” after all, so it would appear they are targeting wealthier individuals with Seeking Alpha Pro.

That said, you can get free access to Pro for 14 days, after which you will be billed monthly or annually depending on the choice you made when signing up.

Seeking Alpha Pro Vs. Premium | Which Is Right for You?

Whether you choose Seeking Alpha Pro vs. Premium will depend on your needs and preferences. Both are great services that deliver high-quality investment information.

If you’re interested in checking them out, click here to access special savings to Seeking Alpha’s subscription plans.

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