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Review Crypto Fund Trader Pros & Cons: Time for a New Crypto Trading Platform for Investors?


Trading in cryptocurrencies can be a complex undertaking, leaving many newcomers feeling overwhelmed about how to make profitable decisions. There are a plethora of crypto assets and crypto exchanges to chose from from different brokers. You also have to worry about transaction costs. So how can you get the process to be a crypto trader started so you can buy into legitimate currencies, securities, and boost your income?

Fortunately, there’s a solution that can guide you through the labyrinth of crypto trading — Crypto Fund Trader. In this article, we dive into the ins and outs of Crypto Fund Trader to help you determine if this platform aligns with your trading goals.
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What Is Crypto Fund Trader?

Crypto Fund Trader is a proprietary trading platform supplying the capital you need to trade while sharing your profits. To gain access to this capital, you’ll need to register for and complete an evaluation program. During this phase, you’ll receive demo funds to trade in various demo markets, including stocks, crypto, forex, and other indices.

Furthermore, Crypto Fund Trader integrates seamlessly with major cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain platforms such as Binance and Coinbase. This integration offers real-time data feeds, assisting you in making well-informed trading decisions.

Features of Crypto Fund Trader

Funding: Upon completing Crypto Fund Trader’s evaluation, you’ll be granted access to trading capital from the platform. What’s more, you have the flexibility to choose the amount of capital you could potentially receive when you initially register for the evaluation. If you opt for the highest registration tier, you can receive up to $200,000 in trading capital. If you have a problem, just call customer service.
Spreads from 0 Pips: Crypto Fund Trader stands out as one of the select platforms that permits traders to buy and sell cryptocurrency pairs at consistent rates. With minimal fluctuations on the chart, your probability of realizing profits is notably enhanced.
1:100 Leverage: The amount of funds you need to place a trade on Crypto Fund Trader is meager. With just $1, you can place a trade worth $100.
Demo Trading: Throughout the evaluation period on Crypto Fund Trader, all trading activities are simulated. You are allocated demo funds, engage in demo trades, and experience hypothetical profits and losses.

How Does the Evaluation Process Work?

The evaluation programs are similar to exams. To get evaluated by Crypto Fund Trader, take the following steps:

Step 1: Apply for an Evaluation Program

Applying for an evaluation program on Crypto Fund Trader comes with a cost, which varies based on the amount of capital you wish to receive. The platform offers two types of evaluation programs: the one-phase and the two-phase. Regardless of which program you choose, you’ll pay a one-time registration fee.

One-phase: This program consists of a single test that, if passed, elevates you to the status of a funded trader. To ace this test, you need to manage your demo capital wisely. Specifically, daily losses should not exceed 4% of this virtual fund. Additionally, if you use a feature known as a “trailing stop-loss,” ensure that it doesn’t deplete more than 6% of your demo capital. Finally, aim for a minimum profit of 10% of your demo capital by the test’s conclusion. Achieve these targets, and you’ll find yourself on the path to becoming a funded trader.
Two-phase: In the initial phase of this program, daily losses can go up to 5% of the capital you’re trading. However, by the end of this phase, make sure your total losses don’t surpass 10% of that capital. Additionally, you should aim for a minimum profit of 8%. As you transition to the second phase, the profit target becomes more attainable, dropping to just 4%, while all other conditions from the first phase remain unchanged.

Step 2: Complete the Evaluation

After your application, Crypto Fund Trader will send your account credentials via email, which you can use to access your account. While trading in the demo market, you must adhere to specific rules, including:

Abstain from hedging or reverse trading.
Don’t complete any trade using an external data feed.
If you make multiple trades within 30 seconds, each trade must last at least 30 seconds.

Failure to adhere to these rules will result in your account’s deactivation. If your account is deactivated, your registration fee won’t be returned to you. It’ll go into the Crypto Fund Trader money reserve. On the other hand, if you adhere to the rules and your account isn’t deactivated, send an evaluation request to Crypto Fund Trader via email so they can assess your performance.

Crypto Fund Trader Pros & Cons


Low Funding Barriers: Crypto Fund Trader makes it easy for users to access the volume of capital needed to participate in profitable cryptocurrency trades. For example, with a registration fee of just $50, you could be funded with up to $5000 capital.
High Profit Ratio: Remarkably, Crypto Fund Trader retains just 20% of the profits generated by its funded traders. The remaining 80% is entirely yours to keep.
No Time Limit for Evaluation: You can take as little or as long as you want to complete the evaluation program.
Tiered Evaluations: The evaluation program offers a flexible registration fee structure, ranging from $50 to $1097. This allows you to choose an option that comfortably aligns with your financial capacity, be it the minimum, maximum, or any point in between.
KYC Verification: Crypto Fund Trader is verified via CoinScope. Should the platform act irresponsibly with your investments, CoinScope is poised to disclose the identities of the platform’s owners publicly.


Paywall: Crypto Fund Trader’s features are hidden behind a paywall. You can’t do anything on the platform without registering first. However, this is also one thing that helps customers and prevents scammers from flooding it.
No Free Trial: Free trials have been suspended until further notice.

Final Thoughts on Crypto Fund Trader: How to Profit

Investing wisely is crucial, and Crypto Fund Trader offers a robust platform for doing just that. Should you decide to explore its features and check out Crypto Fund Trader pros & cons, chances are you’ll find much to celebrate. You can link your bank accounts, tweak your trading strategies, explore different instruments, and link transfers to your cards. You will also get real updates from the community of market conditions that can save you hours of research.

Crypto Fund Trader also has a favorable profit split and allows you to purchase digital assets, digital currencies, financial instruments, all with low transaction fees. There are a wide range of prop firms to choose from but the trading experience that Crypto Fund Trader offers combined with a smooth payment process and profitable transactions enables you to make passive income fast. Click here to try Crypto Fund Trader now.
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