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Oxford Communique Reviews and Ratings – What Users are Saying


In the maze of investment advice, the Oxford Communique has emerged as a leader, backed by investment maestro, Alexander Green. Every month, the Oxford Communiqué gives members a broad array of stock suggestions across multiple industries. The best part? It promises financial acumen without a hefty price tag, starting at just $49 per year.

This Oxford Communique review peers into the offerings of this popular newsletter from Investment U, a renowned financial education company. Read on as we explore its content and assess its true value in the market.

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What is the Oxford Communique?

The Oxford Communiqué is the premier newsletter of The Oxford Club, offering monthly growth-focused investing suggestions spanning industries like biotech, financials, and industrials.

Designed for a range of investors, it consistently provides valuable insights. To help subscribers build a balanced portfolio, the newsletter includes several model portfolios. These are designed to ensure investors diversify beyond just company stocks and explore a wider range of assets.

Most stock recommendations in the Communiqué are intended for holding periods of at least a year. However, some stocks have remained in portfolios for over two decades. To help subscribers navigate market volatility, the newsletter employs stop losses, issuing a sell alert if a stock drops below a set price.

The Oxford Club might sound exclusive, but it’s inclusive, catering to over 159,000 individual investors globally. Its aim is to make top-tier investment advice accessible at an affordable price.

The driving force behind the Communiqué is Alexander Green, its senior editor. With deep expertise spanning various sectors, Green has an extensive career, including 16 years on Wall Street. He’s held roles such as a senior research analyst, investment analyst, and portfolio manager. Today, through the Communiqué and other services like the Oxford Microcap Trader, he shares his knowledge, helping subscribers pursue their own financial freedom.Oxford Communique Features

Monthly Stock Pick: Every mid-month, subscribers get a stock recommendation. These are often well-known, liquid companies. Each issue offers a deep dive into the company, highlighting its advantages and providing actionable steps, like the buy-up-to price and the trailing stop amount (usually 25%). Besides the primary stock pick, the issue covers updates on other significant stock movements. Weekly portfolio updates keep subscribers in the loop, ensuring no crucial detail is missed.
Model Portfolios: Unlike many newsletters offering just one trading portfolio, the Oxford Communiqué boasts five:

Trading Portfolio: The mainstay, aimed at outperforming the market with diversified assets. Most holdings date back to mid-2022 or newer, indicating a typical investment horizon of a year or less.
Ten-Baggers of Tomorrow Portfolio: Focuses on speculative stocks with huge potential gains. Avoids high-risk penny stocks.
Oxford All-Star Portfolio: Features funds and holdings managed by globally recognized money experts, such as Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.
Gone Fishin’ Portfolio: A mix of stock and bond index funds for long-term wealth preservation and dividends, grounded in Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT).
Fortress Portfolio: Launched in July 2022, it’s geared toward risk mitigation with assets like a physical gold fund and healthcare ETFs.

Pillars of Wealth: Dive into the Oxford Club’s foundational principles. The Four Pillars are: Stick to the Oxford Wealth Pyramid, Understand exit strategies, Master position sizing, and Minimize investment expenses.
Special Reports: Besides the regular issues, there are unique reports offering a deeper look into specific topics or stocks. Recent titles have covered gene sequencing, AI in medicine, and the future of food, to name a few.
Member-Only Events: High net worth subscribers can attend exclusive trips and seminars, such as the Investment U Conference, offering an enriching experience with industry experts.
The Oxford Communiqué Newsletter: Delivered on the third week of every month, it’s jam packed with insights and the latest from Alexander Green.
The Single-Stock Retirement Plan: A report revealing a potentially explosive $3 stock. Green guides subscribers on how to capitalize on this hidden gem.
The Multimillionaire’s Handbook: A peek into the financial discipline of millionaires, laying out strategies anyone can adopt to elevate their financial game.
New Membership Bonus Reports: New to Oxford Communiqué? You’ll receive a treasure trove of resources like Green’s book, a video course on wealth-building, and reports on high-growth stock investments.

Oxford Communique Pricing

Oxford Communique offers 3 different pricing tiers:

Basic Subscription: This is a digital-only subscription. If you use our exclusive link, the first year comes at a discounted rate of $49. The normal rate price is $79 per year.
Deluxe Subscription: Priced at $129 annually, this tier provides both email notifications and online access. It’s tailored for those who appreciate a combination of digital communications.
Premium Subscription: The most inclusive tier, it offers digital access along with physical copies of monthly newsletters. It’s priced at $249 annually. However, if you sign up using our exclusive link, the first-year fee is reduced to $99. This package features four bonus reports covering various investment topics.

An important highlight across all tiers is the money-back guarantee. Unlike the standard 30-day offers seen elsewhere, the Oxford Communiqué offers an impressive 365-day guarantee. But, there’s a catch: this full-year guarantee is exclusively available when signing up through THIS LINK.

Oxford Communique Reviews and Ratings

Let’s look at Oxford Communique reviews and ratings to see what actual users say about the service:


March 18, 2021 12:27 am

I have enjoyed The Communique for a number of years. The writing and logic behind Alex recommendations are very much appreciated. When the stock market went down dramatically last spring I had confidence in Alex recommendations because I have seen him successfully navigate down markets before. I invested in PayPal, Genmab and Zillow and made a nice profit on each.

Kathy Littlefield

March 28, 2021 12:17 am

I have between 2 to 6 years until retirement. I am trying to grow my portfolio with a combination of growth and income – using the income to buy additional shares or other stocks to augment what I already have. Therefore, dividends are very important to me. I tend to go with income producing stocks for that reason. I have, however, not limited myself to only income producing stocks….Am doing well so far and am very happy with the recommendations I get from the Oxford Club.

Scott Brzezinski

May 22, 2021 11:07 am

I would personally recommend The Oxford Club’s Communique to friends and family. Have been a member for over 15 years and view it as kind of my North Star for investing and living well. Alex’s writing and the philosophy to stick to certain rules and not fall in love with individual picks has really helped me over the years. Most of us, myself included , do not have the emotional intelligence and real-world investing experience built into our DNA to be successful on our own. The Gone Fishing Portfolio along with Alex’s beginning of a new year ideas and trading portfolio have really served me well.

Final Thoughts

When considering your next investment move or looking for reliable financial insights, the Oxford Communiqué offers a clear proposition. With its distinct subscription tiers, valuable bonuses, and robust guarantees, it truly serves as a beacon in the bustling landscape of investment newsletters.

Ready to embark on a journey towards informed investment decisions? Click here to explore the offerings of the Oxford Communiqué.

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