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Net Worth Tracker Reviews & Ratings


Net worth trackers provide a complete picture of your financial well-being by calculating your assets minus your liabilities. By understanding your net worth, you can make smart money choices, focus on paying off debt, and set meaningful savings goals.

Plus, seeing how your net worth changes over time can be motivating and eye-opening, showing how life events and financial decisions impact your bottom line.

Many net worth trackers also offer advanced budgeting tools. They let you set spending limits, categorize expenses, and track your spending patterns over time. This article reviews some of the top-rated net worth trackers available.

Best Net Worth Trackers

When it comes to tracking your net worth, you have plenty of options. Here are some of the top financial management tools, including mobile apps:

Monarch Money


Tiller Money lets you track your net worth and monitor your money in one place. Connect all your accounts, including investment and retirement accounts, mortgages, and student loan debts. Tiller automatically imports and categorizes your transactions daily, giving you an up-to-date financial overview whenever needed.

For a low annual fee, Tiller does the tedious work of aggregating your financial data so you can focus on the big picture. Tiller Money is worth checking out if you’re looking for an easy, automated way to manage your money and gain control of your financial life.

Tiller Ratings and Reviews

Product Hunt 5 from 15 votes
RobBarger 4.6
Best Wallet Hacks 4.5
AllCards 4.2

“Like other budgeting apps, Tiller pulls in transactions from your bank accounts and credit cards—except it places them in a Google Sheet or Microsoft Excel file. It’s intuitive to use: For each month of the year, set the budget for each category. Monthly budget and yearly budget worksheets will then show your actual spending and income against what your intended game plan is.”

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Empower Personal Capital

The personal finance app Empower aims to provide an all-in-one solution for taking control of your money. With an emphasis on proactive saving, cash-back rewards, and convenient cash advances, Empower helps users improve their financial well-being.

The Empower personal dashboard interface and advanced tools make managing your finances straightforward. Features such as automatic savings, customizable budget limits, and spending categorization empower you to save more and spend less.

Empower Ratings and Reviews

Apple App Store 4.8 from 121,079 reviews
Google Play 4.7 from 105,788 reviews
Credit Monkey 4.6
Software Advice 4.5 from 28 reviews
G2 4.4 from 19 reviews
GetApp 4.3 from 29 reviews

Lolli-Ollie – 08/21/2023
“I thought it would be easier if I could just request and complete a withdrawal on the website. But I had to call, and the wait time was over an hour. The first time I called, I ended up just being told I’d have to wait so many days since I had just changed my address on the website. I talked to Tony that day, and he was very nice and helpful. On the second call, I only waited about thirty minutes, and Michael Clark made the withdrawal experience great.”

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Monarch Money

Monarch Money provides an easy way to track your net worth and see your whole financial picture in one place. Connecting with thousands of banks, credit cards, brokerages, and other accounts, Monarch Money aggregates all your account balances, transactions, investments, and liabilities.

With an intuitive interface and useful tools, Monarch Money simplifies managing your money. Set financial goals, create budgets, analyze your spending, and get personalized tips to improve your financial well-being.

Monarch Money Ratings and Reviews

Apple App Store 4.8 from 2,857 reviews
Google Play 4.5 from 683 votes
The Savvy Couple 4.5
Best Wallet Hacks 4.3
Investor Junkie 4.3

Miten M.
“I love that I can easily see my net income by month across all of my accounts. Never been able to have this view before.”

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PocketSmith is a highly-rated personal finance management app. It provides an intuitive calendar view of your current and forecasted finances to help you make the best decisions.

The app synchronizes all your financial accounts in one place. It then uses your income, expenses, budgets, and forecasts to provide a complete picture of your current and future financial life. The forecasts, in particular, are useful for planning your spending and saving.

PocketSmith Ratings and Reviews

Comparewise 5
Loans Canada 5
GreedyRates 5
Best Wallet Hacks 4.3

Austen Haines USA
“Only financial tool I’ve come across in the past four years that gives you the ability to forecast your accounts in a way that makes sense accurately: graph, calendar, and cash flow views in any scenario.”

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NewRetirement aims to provide a comprehensive tool to help you take control of your retirement planning. By factoring in details like your income, taxes, real estate, medical expenses, and goals, NewRetirement gives you an accurate picture of where you currently stand and a personalized plan to stay on track.

The tools are simple, with resources to help you learn more. You can start with the basic free account, then upgrade to PlannerPlus or the premium plan, which is the PlannerPlus Academy, for more advanced features.

NewRetirement Ratings and Reviews

Google My Business: 5 stars
Financial Samurai: 5 stars
Retire Before Dad: 4.7 stars
The College Investor: 4.5 stars
My Millennial Guide: 4.5 stars
Best Wallet Hacks: 4.5 stars

“I can model my potential future scenarios, and I don’t have to rely on someone else to do it for me because the software is locked behind a provider. I feel more in control of my decisions, and I feel I am given the knowledge directly rather than having to get through a gatekeeper.”

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With YNAB, your money has a job and a purpose for every dollar. The goal is to allocate your entire income to essential monthly expenses, so you’re never caught short.

By following the set principles, YNAB can transform how you think about and manage your money. No more reactive budgeting or dollars slipping through the cracks. Take a proactive approach and gain real control over your financial future. YNAB provides the tools; you provide the motivation. Together, you’ll build wealth and achieve financial peace of mind.

YNAB Ratings and Reviews

PC World 5
Google Play 4.8 from 15,059 votes
Apple App Store 4.8 from 46,308 reviews
Trustpilot 4.6 from 944 reviews
G2 4.6 from 28 reviews

Megan Smith – September 06, 2023
“YNAB has completely transformed my financial status in my household. It has a bit of a learning curve, but their customer service is very helpful, and there are many videos, books, etc., to help as well! Once you get the hang of it, it works wonders!”

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Playbook is a sophisticated financial planning app that maximizes tax advantages and accelerates the journey toward financial freedom.

This platform scans through your financial situation and identifies missed tax-saving opportunities. With bank-level security, it ensures the safe handling of your financial information. Its core philosophy is, “It’s hard to beat the market, but it’s easy to beat the tax man.”

Playbook Ratings and Reviews

Trustpilot 4.3 from 24 reviews
The College Investor 4.1
Benzinga 4

Clarence William Stone – July 24, 2023
“Amazing product, even better team, and an organization that is dedicated to continually providing better experiences. I have used Playbook for over two years, and I have seen the feature sets expand while the support team continues to work even hard to resolve niche financial challenges that I have. You won’t find a better experience from any of their competitors. I know because I have tried most of them.”

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Kubera is a popular net worth and portfolio tracker for both individuals and financial advisors. With over $20 billion in assets tracked, Kubera has quickly gained a loyal following.

Kubera comes in two versions: one for advisors and one for individuals. The advisor platform connects to custodians and brokerages to automatically update portfolio values. The individual version lets you manually add your assets to track your net worth over time.

Kubera Ratings and Reviews

Comparewise 5 CryptoVantage
8 Reviewsio 4.7 from 593 reviews
Product Hunt 4.5 from 9 votes
Benzinga 4.5
CaptainAltcoin 4.4

Eoghan McCabe – Founder & CEO @ Intercom
“Kubera makes tracking your net worth fun. It’s a uniquely well-considered product. Thorough, flexible, and deep in all the ways you want. And constantly getting better.”

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Quicken shines when it comes to net worth tracking services. Whether you want to see your total assets, liabilities, or overall financial picture at a glance, Quicken has you covered.

Link all your financial accounts like checking, savings, retirement funds, and investment accounts so Quicken can automatically import your balances and transactions. Quicken makes it easy to categorize each account and gives you reports to view your asset totals and allocations. You’ll get a quick snapshot of your cash, investment, and property values.

Quicken Ratings and Reviews

Best Wallet Hacks 4.6 from 615 reviews
PC Magazine 4.5
Top Ten Reviews 4.5
Forbes 4.1

Christiane – September 12, 2023
“The program is easy, and the website answers the questions when you can’t find it by just tinkering. Reports are great. Reconciliation is easy. Budgeting is also great. I am growing in confidence using the program.”

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When considering using Moneydance to track your net worth and manage your finances, there are a few things to remember.

Moneydance lets you see all your accounts in one place, so you know exactly where your money is and how it’s being spent. Connect all your banking, investment, credit card, and loan accounts to get a complete financial picture.

Moneydance Ratings and Reviews

SourceForge 5
Sitejabber 5
Slashdot 5
Apple App Store 4.6 from 263 reviews
Techradar 4.5

Channel Islands – 05/03/2023
“I have been using Moneydance for many years; I like the way it syncs with the desktop version on my Mac through iCloud. It would be nice if the mobile phone app had more functionality, such as adding splits to new payments and allowing you to amend or add new transaction reminders. I would also like to see all assets, liabilities, and investments and to be able to drill down into the details of a transaction. I feel it is the best on the market and will continue to use this software.”

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Overview of Net Worth Tracker

The goal of a net worth tracker is simple: to provide you with a complete picture of your financial health. A net worth tracker compiles all your assets and liabilities in one place by automatically syncing your bank and investment accounts.

Once your accounts are linked, the tracker will categorize each transaction, totaling your income, expenses, account balances, and investment values to calculate your net worth. Many also provide budgeting tools to gain awareness of your spending and set savings goals.

With an up-to-date snapshot of your finances, you’ll have the information needed to make smart money decisions. Is your high-interest debt decreasing? Are you saving enough for your retirement goals? A net worth tracker clarifies your financial situation so you can take control of your money.

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