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Lawler: Invitation Homes Net Seller of Single-Family Properties for Second Straight Quarter


Today, in the Calculated Risk Real Estate Newsletter: Lawler: AMH Net Seller of Existing Single-Family Homes, “Investor” Home Purchases Plunged

Brief excerpt: Housing economist Tom Lawler brings us some interesting data from Invitation Homes and also from several public builders:

Invitation Homes Net Seller of SF Properties for Second Straight Quarter; Rent Growth Slows but Remains Elevated

Invitation Homes, the largest publicly-traded holder of single-family properties, reported that it disposed of slightly more single-family properties than it acquired last quarter, and that most of the small number of properties it acquired last quarter were from “builder partners.”  According to its press release, Invitation Homes (including its joint ventures) acquired 197 SF properties in the quarter ended 3/31/2023 (of which 151 were from builder partners), and disposed of 297 SF properties.  By comparison, in the previous quarter the company (including JVs) acquired 166 properties (81 from builder partners) and disposed of 199 SF properties.  As a result, the company’s total SF rental property holdings declined for the second straight quarter last quarter.  Here is a table showing acquisitions, dispositions, and total SF properties held by Invitation Homes (including joint ventures).There is much more in the post.  You can subscribe at

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