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Is Leeloo Trading Legit? | A Comprehensive Review 2023


Leeloo Trading, a reputable futures prop firm, is a popular platform in the trading world. This company, founded by Jody Dahl, provides a variety of funded accounts for futures trading. But with so many trading platforms out there, you may be asking: “Is Leeloo Trading legit?”

This article will address this question head-on, as well as discuss the key features and pricing structures that make Leeloo Trading stand out from the crowd. Discover More About Leeloo Trading

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Understanding Leeloo Trading

Leeloo Trading operates by offering funded trading accounts to futures traders. If you are unfamiliar with futures trading, it involves buying and selling contracts for a variety of assets, predicting their future prices. Leeloo focuses solely on this type of trading and offers access to a wide range of futures assets, including:

Equity Futures (ES, NKD, NQ, YM)
Interest Rate Futures (ZT, ZF, ZN, UB)
Currency Futures (6B, 6E, 6J, E7, J7)
Agricultural Futures (HE, LE, ZC, ZS)
Energy Futures (CL, QM, NG, QG)
Metal Futures (GC, SI, HG, PL, QI, QO)
Micro Futures (MES, MYM, MNQ, M2K)
Cryptocurrencies (MBT, MET)

To qualify for a funded account, traders need to undergo an evaluation process. This entails purchasing a Leeloo Practice Account and meeting a profit target within 10 trading days, without hitting the loss limit. Success grants eligibility for an account that is either one-time fee-based or subscription-based.

Key Features of Leeloo Trading

Leeloo Trading sets itself apart with several unique features:

Exclusively focused on futures – Leeloo Trading concentrates solely on futures, giving it a competitive edge in this specific domain.
Account sizes up to $300k – Leeloo provides traders with the opportunity to manage large amounts of capital, leading to potentially significant profits. Account sizes range from $25k to $300k.
Simulated trading – Leeloo’s platform enables paper trading. This means you can practice strategies without risking actual money, helping you gain confidence and skills before diving into live trading.
Impressive reputation – Leeloo Trading enjoys high trust ratings from its user base, boasting a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot, which underscores its legitimacy.

Leeloo Trading Pricing Structure

Leeloo Trading offers various pricing models for its funded accounts. Here’s a brief overview of some of the available options:

Foundation Accounts

Profit target: 6-7%
Trailing Drawdown: 2.5%-6%
Non-recurring Fees: $77 (14 days)
Recurring Fees: $150 to $675

Leeloo Bundle (LB) Accounts

Profit target: 6-7%
Trailing Drawdown: 2.5%-6%
Non-recurring Fees: $199 to $539

Entry Accounts (LE)

Profit target: 2-7%
Static or Trailing Drawdown: 2.5%-6%
Recurring Fees: $26 to $169

Weekly Accounts

Profit target: 6%
Trailing Drawdown: 5-6%
Recurring Fees: $250 to $295

This pricing diversity caters to various financial capacities

and trading styles. Compare Leeloo’s Plans to find the one that best suits your needs.

Prop Trading Firms: An Overview

Proprietary trading firms, often referred to as prop trading firms, are companies that allocate capital to their traders to buy and sell financial instruments, keeping the profits generated from these transactions. They make money through a variety of trading strategies across multiple markets such as equities, futures, currencies, and bonds.

Unlike hedge funds or other investment firms, prop trading firms do not manage client assets. Instead, they use the firm’s own money to trade, hence the term ‘proprietary.’ This model allows them to take on higher risk and achieve higher potential returns since they are not subject to the same regulations and restrictions that apply to client-oriented trading firms.

Key Features of Prop Trading Firms

Here are some distinct features of prop trading firms:

High-Risk, High-Reward Environment: Prop trading firms allow traders to make bold moves in the market with the company’s money. While this comes with a higher level of risk, it also means the potential for high rewards.
Training and Mentorship: Many prop firms offer training programs for their traders. These programs help traders understand the firm’s trading philosophy and methodology, develop trading strategies, and learn about risk management.
Access to Capital: Traders at prop firms can access significantly more capital than they could on their own. This allows them to take larger positions and potentially generate more profits.
Performance-Based Compensation: Most prop firms compensate their traders based on performance. Traders typically receive a percentage of the profits they generate for the firm.

Why Choose Prop Trading Firms?

Prop trading firms can be an attractive choice for traders for several reasons:

Career Development: Prop firms often provide training and development programs that can help traders improve their skills and advance their careers.
Capital Access: With more access to capital, traders can take larger positions and potentially earn more profits.
No Personal Risk: Since prop firms use their own capital, traders do not risk their own money.
Collaborative Environment: Prop firms often foster a collaborative environment where traders can learn from each other, share ideas, and refine their strategies.

While prop trading firms can offer significant advantages, they are not without risks. They operate in a high-stakes, fast-paced environment, which may not be suitable for everyone. Furthermore, these firms are often highly selective, seeking out only the most skilled and disciplined traders.

Before choosing to trade with a prop firm, it’s crucial to thoroughly research and understand the firm’s trading style, risk management policies, and compensation structure. Take Leeloo Trading, for example. They specialize in futures trading, have a rigorous evaluation process for traders, and offer various funding and pricing models. Understanding such aspects can help traders decide whether a particular prop trading firm aligns with their trading goals and risk tolerance.

Click here for a list of other top prop trading firms like Leeloo Trading.

So, Is Leeloo Trading Legit?

Yes, Leeloo Trading is a legitimate and reliable platform for futures trading. Their focus on futures, provision of large funded accounts, practice trading opportunities, and high Trustpilot ratings underscore their credibility in the trading world.

Whether you are a seasoned futures trader or a beginner, Leeloo Trading provides a platform that could be a great fit for your trading needs. Explore Leeloo Trading further and see if it’s the right choice for you!

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