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Is FTMO The Best Forex Proprietary Trading Firm?


FTMO is a prop trading firm that has been in operation since 2015. The company is renowned for offering trading opportunities through a modernized approach. FTMO focuses on identifying talented traders and providing them with the financial backing they require to scale their operations. To join FTMO, traders are required to complete an FTMO Challenge and Verification process. Upon successful completion, traders are then eligible to trade up to $200,000 on an FTMO Account. The firm differentiates itself from traditional prop trading firms by incorporating unique features that cater to the modern trader’s needs. In this FTMO review, we will go into the features, value, and price and see if FTMO is the best proprietary trading firm.
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Features, Value, and Price

Challenge and Verification

FTMO offers a unique feature called the “Challenge and Verification” process. This acts as a gateway for traders to prove their skills in a simulated environment. Traders are given a demo account and expected to meet certain objectives. If successful, they proceed to the verification stage and eventually receive the opportunity to trade real capital.

Trading Capital

Once a trader passes the verification process, FTMO provides them with a trading account of up to $200,000. This gives traders the much-needed leverage to enter trades they otherwise might not be able to take due to capital limitations.

Training and Education

While not explicitly stated in the search results, prop firms like FTMO usually provide their traders with training and education resources, thus assisting them in sharpening their trading skills.


FTMO boasts an impressive payout history, having paid out more than $167,000,000 to FTMO Traders, dispersed across over 180 states.

Modern Prop Trading vs Traditional Prop Trading

FTMO categorizes itself as a modern prop trading firm. The key difference between traditional and modern prop trading, as articulated by FTMO, lies in the unique features each offers. Modern prop trading firms like FTMO are more adaptable and in sync with current market conditions. They often incorporate technology, advanced trading tools, and a more flexible trading environment to accommodate the evolving needs of today’s traders[3].

Is It Worth It? Pros and Cons


Access to Large Capital: Traders get access to large sums of trading capital, enabling them to make more significant trades.
Structured Entry: The Challenge and Verification process ensures that only skilled traders make it through.
Potential for High Earnings: Successful traders have the opportunity to earn considerable sums, as evidenced by the firm’s payout history.
Flexibility: Modern prop trading allows for a more adaptable trading environment, which is beneficial in rapidly changing markets.


Entry Barriers: The Challenge and Verification process, while structured, can be rigorous and may act as a barrier to entry for some traders.
No Guaranteed Success: Like all trading, there is a risk involved, and there is no guarantee of making profits.

The Pioneering Forex Proprietary Trading Firms of 2023

As you can see, FTMO is one of the best Forex Prop Trading Firms. But here are some alternatives, making up some of the best forex trading accounts:

Elite Trader Funding: Elite Trader Funding capitalizes on its straightforward trading ethos, establishing a path of lucidity for aspiring traders. Their evaluation system consists of two robust stages, the Challenge Phase and the Verification Phase, both of which aim to hone traders’ skills by setting well-defined profit targets and daily loss limits. This methodical approach facilitates a favorable 90% profit share for traders. Established with the primary focus of cultivating a generation of proficient traders, Elite Trader Funding is committed to not only providing substantial initial capital but also enriching traders through an exhaustive suite of educational tools.
Fidelcrest: Fidelcrest distinguishes itself with an inclusive support structure and an extensive range of tradable assets. The firm’s singular evaluation challenge is designed to assess a trader’s abilities in a more fluid environment, notably lacking a maximum drawdown constraint. Fidelcrest’s vision to cater to the multifaceted needs of contemporary traders manifests itself through its willingness to help diversify strategies and augment profitability.
City Traders Imperium: City Traders Imperium takes a bespoke approach, offering customized trading programs that resonate with individual trading styles. Recognizing that trading is as much an art as it is a science, the firm places a strong emphasis on adaptability and personalization. Its evaluation process is uniquely tailored to each trader, thus creating an environment where diverse trading styles can flourish.

These best forex prop trading firms present traders with an array of options, each with distinct advantages, thereby fulfilling a wide range of trading objectives and styles. Whether you are a seasoned trader looking to expand your horizons or a beginner seeking a strong start with the best crypto trading firms, these companies offer an enticing path toward your trading aspirations.

Final Verdict: Is FTMO The Best Forex Proprietary Trading Firm?

FTMO stands out as a modern prop trading firm that offers substantial value to its traders. With access to large amounts of capital, a structured entry process, and a focus on modern trading practices, it serves as a viable option for skilled traders seeking to amplify their operations. While it’s challenging to definitively state that FTMO is the best prop trading firm due to varying trader needs and objectives, it certainly ranks high on the list, especially for those who align with its modern trading philosophy. Try it out today and see how FTMO can multiply your trading profits!
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