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Is FinViz The Best Stock Charting App


FinViz, an abbreviation for “Financial Visualizations”, stands out as a highly acclaimed browser-based stock screener and research platform dedicated to the stock market ecosystem.

The platform’s free version has garnered attention from both the trading and investor community for its extensive features. For those seeking even more advanced functionalities, the Elite version of Finviz can be accessed for a nominal fee.

Within its suite of tools, Finviz offers an expansive range of scanning capabilities. From fundamental parameters such as EPS growth and insider ownership to technical aspects like candlestick patterns and distance from the moving average, it’s all there.

Additionally, the platform also boasts descriptive filters that offer insights into aspects like short interest and the collective consensus of analysts.
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How To Use Finviz Stock Screener?

Wondering how to harness the potential of this platform? Here are some tips:

Custom Scanning

Whether you’re keen on day trading or swing trading, Finviz provides custom scanning tools tailored for both.

Heat Map Utility

Use the Heat map to efficiently monitor stock sectors, enabling you to pinpoint areas of focus.

Top Gainers Scanner

Interested in building daily watchlists? The Top Gainers scanner can be instrumental.

Fundamental Filtering

Dive deeper into stocks with the platform’s fundamental filters, which include criteria such as EPS growth and insider ownership.

60 Individual Criteria Filters

To fine-tune your search, leverage all 60 individual criteria filters, honing in on those perfect setups.

For a deeper dive into how the platform functions and what it offers, consider visiting this comprehensive Finviz Review. To directly access the platform, you can click here this link.

How Effective is Finviz?

In the vast world of stock screeners, Finviz certainly holds its own. You might wonder if it’s right for you. Well, it doesn’t come with an exorbitant price tag and offers both free and paid versions. The tool provides the customization you need, especially when you’re in the realm of scanning.

60 Individual Criteria

One thing about Finviz that might catch your attention is its extensive range of filters. As someone keen on details, you’d appreciate the ability to choose from over 60 individual criteria without spending a penny. This ensures that the stocks you see align with your exact requirements.

You have the flexibility to search based on various parameters such as stock prices, market capitalization, or even specific candlestick chart patterns. And if you’re someone who relies on visual representation, their stock charts might just be what you need.

They incorporate trend lines and even the basics like the 50/200-period simple moving averages. What’s even better? The results can be displayed in a format you prefer, be it symbols, snapshots, or even more detailed views with fundamental analysis tools.

Efficiency and Time-Saving

Consider the hours you might spend pouring over bar charts and drawing tools, trying to discern patterns. With Finviz, you can now set up custom scans tailored to your trading style and save them for future use.

Whether you’re a beginner investor or among the thousands of traders with more experience, this tool has the potential to streamline your analytical process.

Think of it as a personal trader workstation, helping you pinpoint potential trades without sifting through unnecessary data.

What is the Finviz Heat Map

Have you ever wished for a concise visual summary of the market’s mood? The Finviz heat map does just that. Located prominently on their homepage, it’s hard to miss.

With sections dedicated to different sectors like tech or healthcare, it offers a birds-eye view of the market’s pulse.

Keeping up with real-time news is crucial, isn’t it? Especially if you’re a day trader or someone who heavily relies on price alerts and movements.

Finviz doesn’t disappoint here, either. From leading news providers like CNN or Bloomberg to insights from industry-focused blogs like, they’ve got you covered.

Who’s FinViz  For?

The spectrum of Finviz users is wide. From professional investors to those just starting, many find its advanced charting tools valuable. Its ability to highlight stocks in the news or those witnessing a surge in volume makes it an essential tool for day traders.

Swing traders, on the other hand, might find its capability to detect oversold or overbought stocks within a specific channel particularly helpful.

For momentum traders, identifying stocks that have shown strong performance over a set period becomes easier.

And if you’re new to the world of trading and rely heavily on chart indicators like Bollinger Bands or custom indicators, Finviz offers a platform to identify stocks and set up classic patterns, saving you valuable time during technical analysis.

Trading Strategies with Finviz

When considering your trading strategy, you might find that Finviz aligns with your needs. Let’s say you’re drawn to stocks influenced by recent news or specific fundamental features; Finviz might be a tool to consider.

You can seamlessly meld technical and fundamental indicators or even fine-tune your entries and exits based on price action. Let’s break it down by strategy:

Value Investors

You can spot undervalued stocks. How? By applying filters like price-to-earnings or price-to-book ratios.

Growth Investors

Searching for stocks with impressive earnings growth? Perhaps those recently upgraded? Finviz has you covered.

Momentum Investors

Spot stocks with momentum using price performance. Then, refine your search for quality, growth, or value. This ensures you’re always on top of potential trading ideas.

Penny Stock Enthusiasts

Targeting small companies? Filter by market capitalization and find top penny stocks with ease.

Dividend Investors

Identify stocks with substantial dividend yields. With further filtering, you can sift out the less promising ones. If you’re striving for passive income, this could be a strategy for you.

Finviz Pricing Review

The premium offering, Finviz Elite, comes at $24.96 monthly. Opt for the annual package, and it’s $299.50. They segment their offerings into three: Free, Registered Free, and Elite. A glance at their website will give you a detailed breakdown.

With the Free and Registered plans, you get maps delayed by 3-5 minutes and group screens lacking intraday charts. But registration (which is free) gives you a bonus of 50 screener presets, daily charts, and portfolio tickers.

Considering the FINVIZ*Elite Plan? It’ll cost you $39.50 monthly or a discounted $299.50 annually. Benefits? Real-time data, pre-market quotes, enhanced charting, technical studies, and much more. And yes, no more distracting ads.

Is Finviz Eliteworth the Investment?

At a monthly rate of $24.95, many would argue that Finviz Elite offers value, especially when other screeners might set you back over $150 monthly. This is a pocket-friendly choice for those on a budget.

However, if you’re a momentum day trader, take note: Finviz might not capture rapid intraday shifts. And a notable limitation? The lack of historical scans, so back-testing strategies aren’t an option.

Concluding Thoughts: Is FinViz The Best Stock Charting App

Finviz emerges as a remarkably user-centric platform, appealing to both novice traders and seasoned professionals. The platform’s design, underscored by its intuitive interface and high-calibre data, ensures it meets the evolving demands of today’s trading landscape.

More than just a standard trading interface, Finviz is equipped with advanced charting and technical analysis tools that amplify trading potential. Whether one’s focus is on intraday charts, real-time quotes, or a longer-term trading strategy, Finviz offers a streamlined experience.

Swing traders, in particular, will find its vast database of stocks a boon to crafting robust strategies. For those who seek an elevated experience, the premium offerings of Finviz Elite present a compelling option. Spanning a spectrum from interactive brokers to beginners, Finviz cements its position as an indispensable asset in the trading toolbox.
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