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Is Earn2trade The Best Prop Trading Firm


When you think about trading in financial markets, one of the best options prop trading firms that probably pops up is Earn2Trade. But why is that?

Earn2Trade is primarily an educational platform that aids traders, particularly those aiming for the best futures prop trading firms, to hasten their journey toward their goals. With Earn2Trade, you learn the ropes without putting your hard-earned money on the line.

Instead of diving headfirst into the real trading world, you’re provided with a trading demo account.

A real funded account awaits you as you go through the evaluation phase, demonstrating your skills in futures trading. This Earn2Trade review seeks to shed light on this innovative program designed for the future market.

Learn More About Earn2Trade

Brief History of Earn2Trade

Earn2Trade was initiated by two registered Commodity Trading Advisors and a former university educator’s prowess. The baton of leadership, however, has since passed.

Currently, it’s driven by a team of enthusiastic traders and educators. Their collective mission? Helping you, the trader, get funded.

They present two funded trader programs. Successful participants who prove their mettle and trading skills are provided access to a funded account by the prop trading firm. Imagine having the privilege to manage an account ranging from $50,000 to a whopping $400,000.

Earn2Trade Programs

Gauntlet Mini

This is designed to fast-track your trading career. Within 15 trading days, a funded trading account could be yours if you meet all stipulated targets and abide by the rules. The Gauntlet program allows budding traders to hone their skills, ultimately ascending to professional traders.

Earn2Trade Trader Career Path (TCP)

This unique program is tailored for those who are serious about building a solid trading career. It works on a scaling plan. Instead of choosing an account size immediately, you commence with a $25,000 or $50,000 trading test.

Pass this, and you’re already in: you get funded and join a prop trading firm. And here’s where it gets intriguing. As you display consistent talent and meet targets, your responsibility grows – allowing you to manage larger accounts, potentially up to $400,000.

How Much Does Gauntlet Mini Cost?

The cost hinges on the trading account you’re eyeing. Starting at $170/month for a 50k account, scaling to $550/month for the $200,000 account.

Once you successfully complete the evaluation program, a funded account awaits you from Earn2Trade’s prop trading partner.

This package includes perks like the Beginner Crash Course, a trading simulator, and the Journalytix reporting tool.

Understanding the Trader Career Path Evaluation

When you first dip your toes into the trading industry, you might come across something known as the Trader Career Path or TCP. You embark on a journey to validate your trading strategies and skills. Let’s break it down for you.

Imagine starting a new video game. You wouldn’t immediately tackle the hardest level, right? The TCP functions on a similar concept.

Starting Point

You begin with a $25,000 or $50,000 account. But here’s the twist – it’s not actual cash. Think of it as “in-game currency” or virtual capital in a trading simulator.

Safe Training Ground

This simulator lets you learn the ropes of trading without risking real money, just like practicing a new game level without any penalties.

The 15-day Challenge

Your virtual trading journey lasts a minimum of 15 days. And, just like a game with specific missions, there are specific times to trade and goals to achieve.

Goal Setting

If you’re on the $25,000 level (or TCP), picture it as needing to score 1,750 points. However, there are rules. You can’t lose more than 1,500 points by the end of the day (EOD drawdown) and no more than 550 points daily. On the $50,000 level, the stakes rise: you aim for 3,000 points but risk higher losses with an EOD drawdown of 2,000 points and a daily loss limit of 1,100.

Venturing into the Live Account

Things get real once you’ve shown your prowess in the virtual world. Passing the Evaluation means you can move onto a Junior Live Account. The rules might sound familiar—because they’re much like the evaluation phase—but now, you are funded with live capital.


Profit Sharing: Once you reach Step 2, you can retain 80% of your trading profits.
No Monthly Payments: When trading on funded accounts, monthly payments to Earn2Trade cease.
Flexible Trading Days: Say goodbye to restrictions on the number of trading days.
Withdrawal Perks: Earnings can be withdrawn without hassle. For withdrawals over $500, you’re spared bank fees.

Additionally, as you achieve your trading milestones, there’s an opportunity for growth:

Attaining a profit withdrawal of $1,400 (80% of the $1,750 target) from the $25,000 account scales you to a $50,000 live account.
Higher profits and reaching predefined goals enable progression to $100,000 and $200,000 accounts.
Display outstanding trading skills? A prestigious live account of up to $400,000 could be in your future.

0Armed with the right tools, understanding of financial instruments, and consistent outcomes, you might even negotiate a custom account with elite trading partners.

Understanding the Subscription Costs

Interested in the TCP Evaluation? Here’s the breakdown:

$25k Account: Monthly subscription stands at $150.
$50k Account: Opting for this raises the monthly fee to $190.

The silver lining? Upon successful completion of the Evaluation, these fees dissolve. However, trading journeys may require adjustments. If a reset of your Evaluation becomes necessary, there’s a $100 fee.

Remember, once live, there’s no reset option. Maxing out on drawdown limits means revisiting the TCP Evaluation from the start. Additionally, Commission charges differ per asset:

Micro Assets: They range between $0.74 and $1.00 per side.
Regular Futures: Expect about $2.02 per side.

Note: All these costs get deducted from your account, whether a demo or live trading account.  The best part is you can get a discount using our Earn2trade discount code for new TCP participants.

Wrapping Up: Is Earn2trade The Best Prop Trading Firm

Earn2Trade has emerged as a standout platform among most prop trading firms. The company has solidified its reputation in the futures market by offering novices and seasoned traders a secure environment to refine their skills.

From its meticulously structured programs like the Gauntlet Mini and Trader Career Path to the transparent cost structures, Earn2Trade ensures traders are well-prepared before venturing into live trading.

The emphasis on education, simulated practice, and risk management resonates with its mission to sculpt proficient traders. If you’re contemplating a deep dive into the world of prop trading or looking to elevate your trading journey, Earn2Trade might be the ideal partner to consider. Click here to sign up and explore more about what the prop firm has to offer.

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