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FunderPro Coupon Code: Unlocking Success in Proprietary Trading


FunderPro has emerged as a leading name in the exciting world of proprietary trading, standing out with its innovative approaches. This firm offers opportunities to traders around the globe, helping them step into the highly competitive trading market. Unlike traditional models, FunderPro presents a revolutionary trading experience beyond numbers and charts.

But what sets FunderPro apart? It’s a unique blend of user-friendly platforms and robust features. Whether you are a seasoned trader or starting, FunderPro has something to offer. With its commitment to excellence, diverse trading instruments, and focus on nurturing trader talent, FunderPro is reshaping how people trade.

And with our FunderPro coupon code ‘modest10’, this remarkable experience is now within reach for more traders than ever before.

The firm is not just a platform; it’s a gateway to success in proprietary trading. Let’s explore the world of FunderPro and discover how the FunderPro coupon code can be your key to unlocking opportunities and success in trading.

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Overview of FunderPro

FunderPro is more than just a name in the proprietary trading industry; it symbolizes innovation, opportunities, and success. Established to bridge the gap between individual traders and the competitive trading market, FunderPro offers a robust and easy-to-use platform.

What distinguishes FunderPro is its dedication to empowering traders of all levels. With various trading tools, educational resources, and a supportive community, traders find an environment that nurtures growth and confidence. It’s like having a helpful guide at every step of the trading journey.

The platform features a range of instruments, from stocks and commodities to currencies, providing traders with various options to explore. Additionally, the top-notch technology offers a smooth, intuitive experience that appeals to new and seasoned traders.

The essence of FunderPro is in its approach to trading as a partnership, working hand-in-hand with traders to help them reach their goals. Whether you’re a professional trader or a curious beginner, FunderPro stands out as a beacon of opportunities in the proprietary trading landscape.

Unique Features of FunderPro

FunderPro isn’t just another trading platform; it’s a gateway to unique opportunities and success in the financial world. The platform offers an array of features that set it apart from the rest of the crowd. According to FunderPro’s review, here’s what makes it stand out:

The Profit Split: At FunderPro, traders aren’t just numbers but partners. The platform rewards their hard work with an impressive 80% profit split. This means traders keep more of what they earn, genuinely reflecting a commitment to their success.
Weekly Payouts: Waiting for payouts can be frustrating. FunderPro understands this and offers weekly payouts. That means traders can access their earnings quickly, giving them more flexibility and control over their financial situation.
No Trading Time Limits: Many platforms restrict when you can trade. FunderPro doesn’t put any limits on trading time. Traders can operate around the clock, taking advantage of all opportunities.
High Leverage: Leverage can be a powerful tool in trading, and FunderPro offers an impressive 1:100 leverage. This high leverage means traders can amplify gains when the right opportunity presents itself.

These features, when combined, make FunderPro not just a trading platform but a supportive ally in the journey toward financial growth. It’s all about providing traders with the tools and conditions they need to thrive.

And in that same spirit, we are happy to offer our 10% off FunderPro coupon code ‘modest10’. Now traders can easily access all of FunderPro’s unique features.

FunderPro’s Evaluation Program and Funded Accounts

FunderPro’s evaluation program is a two-phase process designed to identify and nurture disciplined traders. This program is crucial in maintaining the quality of trading on the platform. It ensures that those involved have the skills and temperament required for success.

Phase 1: The first phase is an initial screening process where traders must demonstrate their abilities in a simulated environment. This stage assesses essential skills, including risk management, strategy application, and decision-making. The rules are simple: trade for at least five days, hit a profit target of 10%, and stay within a 5% daily drawdown. Successful candidates move to the next phase.
Phase 2: Traders still use a demo account at this stage. Their performance is monitored to gauge how they adapt to real-market conditions, further evaluating their ability to handle the pressures and complexities of live trading. Like phase 1, this verification phase has targets traders must meet. To become a funded trader, one should hit a profit target of 8% while following all the previous rules. Also, during this phase, the consistency rule* applies.

By setting up these two phases and emphasizing consistency, the platform ensures that those who make it through are not just lucky but skilled, seasoned, and aligned with the company’s values.

* FunderPro’s 60% Consistency Rule: Rather than just focusing on short-term gains, FunderPro looks at a trader’s ability to perform consistently over time. This means a trader shouldn’t make more than 60% of the profit target in one day.

Becoming a Funded Trader and Pricing

Once a Trader completes both phases successfully, he can become a funded trader. Funded traders get access to FunderPro’s various account sizes. Each account has its price and set of rules.

However, we have great news. The challenge fee is refundable once you become a funded trader. But that’s not all. Using our FunderPro discount code ‘modest10’, you can save 10% off the fee.

FundedPro Traders can get accounts starting from $25,000 for a refundable fee of $250 and up to $200,000 in funding for $995. These accounts are scalable using FundedPro’s scaling plan. The scaling plan ensures funded traders an increase of 50% in funding if they get a minimum of 10% profit for three consecutive months.

In conclusion, FunderPro’s account sizes and pricing structure provide options for every level of trader. Whether starting or scaling up, the various options cater to different needs and investment sizes.


FunderPro has firmly established itself in the trading industry by offering distinctive features. Its dedication to fostering trader success is evident in every aspect of its service. Everything is tailored to support every trader’s journey, from its two-phase evaluation program to the flexibility in account sizes and pricing.

FunderPro is not just a platform; it’s a partnership that walks hand-in-hand with traders, guiding them toward success. Whether a professional trader or a curious beginner, FunderPro provides the tools, environment, and support needed to flourish.

Take advantage of the exclusive FunderPro discount code ‘modest10’. Join today, and let FunderPro be your gateway to success in proprietary trading.

Save 10% with the Coupon Code ‘modest10’ on FunderPro

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