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Fidelcrest Promo Code: An Insider’s Guide to Lucrative Trading


Fidelcrest is more than just a name in the trading industry; it’s a beacon of hope for retail traders around the globe. Established in 2018, this prop firm has embarked on a mission to transform how retail traders navigate the financial markets.

The trading world is full of obstacles, especially for the average retail trader. The barriers often seem insurmountable, from limited funding to a lack of access to competitive trading conditions. This is where Fidelcrest’s innovative approach comes into play. By recognizing these challenges, the team at Fidelcrest has developed services that empower traders to overcome these hindrances. These services extend to providing the right tools, platforms, and even adequate funding to ensure every trader has a fair chance of success.

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Fidelcrest’s Story

At the core of any revolutionary company is understanding a problem and the drive to create a solution. Fidelcrest’s emergence in 2018 resulted from keen observation, deep insight, and a dedicated team of Forex traders who identified a significant issue within the trading industry.

The problem was clear: the average retail trader faced daunting obstacles in generating profits. Even with skill and determination, the lack of proper funding made it extremely challenging for traders to make steady gains. The trading landscape seemed tilted against individual traders, favoring large financial institutions with extensive resources.

Enter Fidelcrest, a company built on a vision of leveling the playing field. Fidelcrest’s innovative solution was to assist retail traders by providing adequate funding and facilitating the opportunity to make steady gains over long periods.

Fidelcrest ensures that traders get their fair share of profits and that risk is managed correctly. Furthermore, its proprietary trading software allows for strict money management rules, guaranteeing support to traders every step of the way.

In a landscape where opportunities seemed scarce for the individual trader, Fidelcrest has stood out.

Fidelcrest’s Trading Programs

The Fidelcrest Trading programs offer an open invitation to traders worldwide. This unique opportunity seeks to overcome one of the most significant barriers in the trading industry: lack of sufficient trading capital.

Let’s quickly review Fidelcrest’s two primary programs: The Pro Trader Program and The Micro Trader Program.

The Pro Trader Program is more for professional-level traders. It offers access to funded accounts starting at $250,000 and up to $1,000,000.

The Micro Trader Program is mainly directed at beginner traders. It offers accounts starting at $15,000 and up to $60,000.

Fidelcrest employs a comprehensive three-step process for each program to ensure traders meet risk management requirements.

First, in the Trading Challenge phase, traders must prove their ability by reaching a minimum profit target within 60 days without violating rules or objectives. This leads to the Verification phase, where the trader’s success must continue over another 60 days to confirm that luck didn’t play a part. Finally, as a Fidelcrest Trader, you can trade the firm’s capital without profit targets, with a profit split of up to 90%, provided that you stay within the maximum loss limits.

Note that both programs offer an aggressive mode where the profit split can reach 90% but with a profit target of 20% during the first two steps.

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Fidelcrest’s Features

The Trading Platform

The Fidelcrest trading terminal is an advanced platform explicitly designed to serve the needs of Fidelcrest Traders. It combines state-of-the-art technology and a user-friendly interface that appeals to novice and experienced traders.

One of the remarkable features of this terminal is the ability to trade over 175 different products. This includes Forex, Indices, Metals, Commodities, Stocks, And many more! The platform also offers spreads starting from 0 pips and no commissions, facilitating trading conditions that can significantly enhance profitability.

But that’s not all; the leverage rate provided by the Fidelcrest Trading Platform is another eye-catching feature. Accounts have a leverage rate of up to 1:100, allowing traders, even from regions like the US, Canada, and EU countries, to amplify their trading power.

Account Analytics & Automated Monitoring

Traders today need a system that can continuously monitor and analyze trading progress is essential. Fidelcrest recognizes this need and has responded with a cutting-edge solution: a proprietary software that ensures 24/7 account monitoring.

This software provides real-time monitoring, comprehensive analytics, and automated reporting by generating regular performance reports. What does this mean for traders? It means they can constantly follow their trading activities and be sure to make informed decisions.

Fee Structure & Profit Split

In the trading world, transparency in fees and profit distribution is paramount. Fidelcrest stands out in this regard, offering a clear and concise fee structure and a fair profit split model.

With Fidelcrest, traders should expect a one-time fee structure, meaning there are no recurrent charges that might catch a trader off guard. Everything is upfront and transparent. And Using our time-limited exclusive Fidelcrest promo code ‘MM-15’, they can save 15%. Traders can also enjoy a significant portion of their earnings thanks to a model that allows up to 90% profit split.

Whether a novice or a seasoned trader, this approach fosters a relationship where both parties work toward a common goal: successful trading.


Fidelcrest has undeniably carved a niche for itself in retail trading. Through a broad spectrum of features and services, it has crafted an ecosystem where new and seasoned traders can flourish.

Fidelcrest trading programs are a clear invitation to a more profitable trading world. This invitation is a call to experience trading as a team of experts envisioned. And by using our Fidelcrest discount code ‘MM-15’, it’s more affordable than ever.

In the end, the commitment of Fidelcrest to provide accessible and lucrative trading solutions goes beyond mere words. Their actions, reflected in every aspect from platform design to customer support, manifest a company that understands the trading landscape. It’s a platform where the ordinary trader finds extraordinary possibilities.

Ready to embark on this journey? Don’t wait! Explore Fidelcrest now and discover the endless opportunities awaiting you. The world of innovative and rewarding trading is just a click away!

Save 15% with Fidelcrest discount code ‘MM-15’

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