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CTI Prop Firm Review: A Guide to City Traders Imperium Services


CTI Prop Firm, more formally known as City Traders Imperium, is a prop firm that has established a strong reputation in the financial trading world. Based in the bustling economic hub of London, England, CTI was founded by experienced traders Daniel Martin and Martin Najat. They envisioned creating a prop firm that funded aspiring traders and nurtured their skills and professional development.

Their mission is to discover, fund, and develop successful traders worldwide. They believe that one’s financial capacity should not determine successful traders but rather by their skills, discipline, and potential. This underlines CTI’s unique approach to making professional trading accessible to many.

City Traders Imperium has carved out a unique position in the global prop trading landscape. They combine education, funding, and supportive trading environments to build their unique model. This includes their instant funding model and a two-phase challenge to evaluate and train budding traders.

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Understanding the CTI Prop Firm’s Services

CTI Prop Firm has established a unique and exciting approach to prop trading. Here’s how they stand out:

The prop firm is known for its ‘Instant Funding’ feature. It means that traders immediately receive the trading funds. Unlike other prop firms, there are no delays or waiting periods which shows CTI’s confidence in the traders they fund.

Another distinctive feature is the funded account services they offer. City Traders Imperium provides different account sizes to match varying trading styles and experiences. This makes the firm more accessible to a wide range of traders, from those just starting to seasoned veterans.

Lastly, the ‘Two-Phase Challenge’ is pivotal to CTI’s services. It’s not just a test; it’s a comprehensive process designed to evaluate and enhance a trader’s skills. Traders must pass this challenge to qualify for funding, ensuring that CTI’s funded traders are skillful and well-prepared.

CTI’s Scaling Program and Educational Offerings

CTI prop firm has a scaling program with an innovative way to increase trading capital. As traders show consistent profits, they unlock access to more trading capital. It’s like leveling up in a game. You prove your skills, and then you get a more significant challenge. This motivates traders to improve their techniques and strategies.

But CTI doesn’t just give traders the tools and leave them alone. They offer lots of educational resources to help traders be successful. Webinars and workshops provide insights into trading strategies, risk management, and even trading psychology. It’s like getting a map from someone who has already explored the territory.

CTI Prop Firm’s Pricing, Plans, and Unwavering Support

CTI offers a variety of plans to cater to traders with different skills and needs. They have three main programs – the Day Trading Challenge, The Instant Funding, and Direct Funding.

The Day Trading Challenge is a two-phase, 90-day journey, with one-time payments ranging from $59 to $509, depending on the selected plan. Participants can manage funded accounts ranging from $5,000 to $100,000. The challenge, allowing traders to engage in forex, indices, and commodities, sets a 10% profit target with a 10% maximum drawdown.

The Instant funding service starts at $99 for a $5,000 funded account. With profit shares ranfinf between 70% and 100%, the Instant Funding service offer the opportunity to get up to $4,000,000.

Direct Funding is more for experienced traders who prefer immediate funding without undergoing an evaluation process. Traders can access funded accounts with balance ranging between $5,000 and $100,000 for a one-time payment between $299 to $5,999. This funding doubles (up to a cap of $2m) each time traders increase their accounts by 10%.

As important as the funding plans themselves, the support provided by City Traders Imperium sets it apart from many prop firms. Renowned for its excellent customer service, CTI promptly provides professional email and live chat assistance. Their approach leaves traders feeling valued, promoting a sense of trust.

City Traders Imperium fosters a vibrant trading community through its Mastermind Program. Here, traders connect with peers and mentors, sharing insights and experiences, thus enriching their trading journey.

To conclude, CTI Prop Firm’s plans are varied and detailed, catering to diverse trader needs. With its robust support system, City Traders Imperium stands as a prop firm dedicated to fostering successful trading journeys.

The CTI Prop Firm Trading Conditions and Requirements

CTI prop firm has set up some rules to help traders stay on track. These are like the speed limit signs you see when driving. They’re there to keep everyone safe and headed in the right direction. For instance, they ask traders to set a stop loss order on every trade, which is an excellent way to manage risks and protect your money.

The firm also offers a certain amount of leverage to traders. Leverage is a tool that lets you borrow money to make more significant trades. It’s like using a lever to lift a heavy object. With a tiny effort, you can make a big move. But remember, leverage is a tool, not a toy. Traders should use it wisely because it also means that losses can be more considerable.

In addition to these rules, CTI has specific targets for its retail traders. These are goals that they want their traders to reach. But the good thing is that these targets are pretty achievable. With patience, discipline, and the right strategies, traders can cross the finish line and enjoy the rewards.

City Traders Imperium Prop Firm Reviews

Think of it this way: if City Traders Imperium prop firm was a restaurant, it would have a lot of happy customers. Many of these customers have even left excellent ratings and comments. The firm has a whopping 899 reviews on Trustpilot, and the score is a high 4.8.

Many reviewers gave the firm five stars. 88% of the reviewers thought it was perfect. Another 9% thought it was excellent and gave it four stars, which means that over 97% of the reviewer are satisfied with CTI’s service.

And the reviews were very detailed. Some qualify the firm as “very reliable” and “professional.” Others like the CTI’s “instant funding model.” Some even call it one of the “best” in the industry. If the company was a movie, it would be a blockbuster hit!

But that’s not all. The CTI also has a lot of good reviews on Google. There are 278 reviews, with an even higher score of 4.9 out of 5. These glowing ratings and detailed reviews speak volumes about the level of satisfaction among CTI’s clients. No wonder the company continues to thrive and expand its global presence. This positive feedback mirrors the firm’s commitment to creating a prop trading platform that not only offers funding opportunities but also prioritizes risk management, education, and ongoing support. These reviews also testify to the effectiveness of CTI’s unique trader evaluation process, which identifies and rewards top performers with funded accounts.

Conclusion – Is CTI a Reliable Choice?

In conclusion, City Traders Imperium (CTI) is an innovative prop firm that provides exceptional services for talented traders.  The platform allows traders to access and manage substantial funds and develop their trading skills.

CTI’s programs cater to a wide variety of trading styles, making it an attractive option for day traders, swing traders, forex traders, and others. Moreover, its emphasis on risk management, combined with high-profit share percentages and a long evaluation period, creates a favorable environment for both new and experienced traders to succeed.

The firm also boasts a supportive trading community and offers a robust customer service experience, further enhancing its appeal. As such, City Traders Imperium stands out as a prop firm that truly prioritizes trader success, education, and support.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here and fund your trading journey with one of CTI’s excellent plans.

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