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Best TradingView Alternative | 5 TradingView Competitors to Consider


TradingView is a leading service for investors who want sophisticated research and analytical tools, including one of the best stock screeners on the market.

While TradingView may be a great platform, it has many competitors. Depending on your unique trading needs and preferences, there may be an alternative out there that makes more sense for you.

Keep reading as this article will help you pick the best TradingView alternative for you by giving an overview of five great competitors worth considering.

Best TradingView Alternative Overview

What is TradingView?

TradingView is well-known for having one of the top stock screeners on the market. In addition, it provides a unique service with a community-driven model that allows users to exchange trading ideas and increase their knowledge in an informal way.

TradingView offers multiple screeners, and it also supports stocks, forex, and crypto, which makes it more versatile than some of its main competitors’ screeners. TradingView also offers common and unique presets, including “Volume leaders,” “High-dividend,” “Unusual volume,” “Earning this week,” and many more. These filters let users quickly and easily access key data and trends, enabling them to make smarter and better-informed trades in the process.

Yet TradingView, like everything, has its pros and cons. For example, not everyone can afford TradingView’s more premium packages, and it also has limited support for many brokerage platforms.

Some TradingView competitors offer unique tools that TradingView may lack, while still offering great screeners. Keep reading for a quick look at some key things to consider when choosing a possible TradingView alternative.
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How to Measure a TradingView Alternative

While there are dozens of factors to potentially keep in mind, here are a few of the most important ones:

Value – Since services such as TradingView generally require a hefty subscription fee, what is the likelihood that the value provided helps you recoup your money? Ideally, such services enable you to make significantly more money than what you owe them each month or year.
Educational resources – Some TradingView alternatives provide robust platforms with far more than just a single stock screener. Having access to a wide range of research, analysis, and tools means more value provided, as you have the ability to continue growing as an investor through their educational resources.
Cost – TradingView’s premium membership costs $60 per year. It’s worth considering the cost of its competitors as well as ways they may offer more or less value for your hard-earned money.

The best TradingView alternatives are excellent in these categories, though they may have certain strengths that appeal to your given preferences. In any case, keeping these factors in mind will help you pick the right service for you.

So, let’s take a look at six of these alternatives and see how they stack up.

5 of the Best TradingView Alternatives

Trade Ideas

The first TradingView alternative on our list is Trade Ideas, perhaps best known for its advanced stock scanner. Besides its great scanner, however, Trade Ideas offers many cutting-edge features that traders can use to make well-informed stock picks.

For example, the Holly AI feature uses pre-set trading strategies and can even make trades on your behalf. This is one way that Trade Ideas can help save you time and energy while also helping you elevate your gains, whereas Seeking Alpha can require more work on your part.

Another top feature of Trade Ideas is the access it provides to highly customizable stock scanners, charts, and other useful tools. All in all, Trade Ideas is a robust offering, but it comes at a hefty cost of $999 and $1,999 (annually) for its standard and premium subscriptions, respectively.
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Next up is TrendSpider, one of the world’s smartest trading software when it comes to automating your in-depth technical analysis. The platform’s market scanner produces dynamic watchlists based on tons of technical data.

With TrendSpider, you can quickly figure out your ideal trading setup with flexible scanning options. You can use one of 20 built-in scans or set up your own. While not quite as fast as Trade Ideas’ scanner, the one-minute chart is more than enough for most traders.

One cool feature you won’t see with other stock screeners is TrendSpider’s multi-timeframe analysis, which brings together multiple timeframes on one single chart. Some of the charting features are proprietary to TrendSpider, including the Ichimoku Cloud, MACD Cross, and blue Raindrop scanner. Traders can thus leverage these tools to gain unique insights unavailable to other investors.
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Our next TradingView alternative is Barchart, which is an online market research platform with both free and paid services. Like TradingView, certain features can be used with or without an account, though, like TradingView, you reap many more benefits by signing up.

Barchart is a great platform for self-directed investors thanks to its many excellent tools. For one, they have a wide variety of technical charts (complete with many technical indicator options), as well as pre-built and custom screeners, market news, historical data, and much more.

Barchart has been around since 1995 and has built up a strong reputation for providing accurate data reliably and consistently. While perhaps not quite as robust as TradingView, Barchart’s premium membership comes in at $30 per month, which is half the cost of TradingView’s premium subscription.
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Koyfin was started by Rob Koyfman (hence the name) in 2016. Despite being a relatively young service, Koyfin has grown quickly due to its comprehensive and robust investment research tools. It’s one of the more intuitive and sleeker platforms out there.

Traders using Koyfin can expect sophisticated insights thanks to the ability to easily set up custom macro trends, assess bulk data sets, generate visualizations, and much more. These tools enable traders to make smarter, more informed trades and optimize their gains.

Koyfin has a free plan, like TradingView, while offering three paid tiers: Basic, Plus, and Pro. The Pro plan costs $70 per month, which is pretty on par with TradingView’s priciest subscription.

Koyfin even bills itself as the top TradingView alternative, and it’s hard to disagree. They have a robust and comprehensive platform that many investors love.
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Stock Rover

Stock Rover is the final TradingView alternative on our list. Like TradingView and some of the other platforms listed here, Stock Rover is well known for its top-tier stock screener, but it also offers a lot more. Many robust tools make up the Stock Rover platform, including portfolio analysis, dividend analysis, historical stock data, daily analyst ratings, custom priority email alerts, and much more.

Despite offering a wide range of great tools for market and security analysis, Stock Rover is one of the more affordable options reviewed here. Like TradingView and many of the other competitors reviewed here, it has a free plan. Plus, its most expensive plan only costs $28/month, which is around half of TradingView’s premium subscription.

In addition to its own proprietary tools, Stock Rover also incorporates analyst ratings from Morningstar. Overall, it offers great tools and its integration with many brokers is a convenient feature that not all TradingView alternatives offer.
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Best TradingView Alternative | Which Is Best for You?

TradingView is undoubtedly a leading investment tool utilized by many traders of all levels. With a robust free plan and super comprehensive subscription offerings, TradingView is appreciated by beginning traders as well as institutional ones.

TradingView also has a great focus on community, and many traders flock to it to exchange trading ideas and learn from one another.

That said, TradingView has many competitors, and many of these alternatives also offer leading investment research tools. But out of these competitors, which is the best TradingView alternative for you? Ultimately, it depends on your own unique trading needs and preferences.

So long as you keep in mind your own investment goals and assess your budget, it’s hard to go wrong, whether you choose TradingView or one of the alternatives we reviewed above, such as Trading Ideas or Koyfin.

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