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Best Stock Charting Software 2023


While many investors enjoy picking individual stocks, it can be difficult to make smart picks without great tools at your disposal. The best stock screeners on the market can go a long way in helping traders improve their stock-picking game.

So, keep reading for an overview of the best stock charting software so you can make better-informed trades and boost your gains.

Best Stock Charting Software Overview

Charting platforms can vary a lot, but the best ones tend to provide strong value in the same key areas. Here’s a quick look at some key aspects to take into account when considering charting software, whether free or paid.

Value delivered – The last thing you need is stock charting software that uses second-rate data or doesn’t give you real-time information. And since a lot of stock charting software requires a fee, what is the likelihood that the value it delivers helps you make money through better stock picking?
Popularity and track record – Does the stock charting software under consideration have a great reputation for reliability, or did it just pop up a month ago? Whether it’s brand-new or has been around for decades, it’s always a good idea to consider a given stock charting software’s popularity and user base. It might not be the best idea to give up your hard-earned money for investment research from a source with no legitimate track record.
Additional resources – Some of the platforms reviewed below offer much more than charts, while others may only offer charting. If you’re paying up for a subscription, it may be worth it to invest in a more comprehensive platform.
Free or paid? – Some stock charting software provides a lot of great value, even at the free tier. There are other charting software that may cost hundreds of dollars a month but offer relatively low value. You should always assess your budget and find the best charting platform that fits your budget and needs.

Best Stock Charting Software


TradingView is first on our list for good reason. It’s one of the most valuable charting software out there, especially for traders keen on a range of technical analysis possibilities. Users with TradingView can customize their charts in a ton of ways, including by picking their preferred indicators, adding trend lines, and much more.

TradingView provides everything you expect from a charting platform and much more. It provides real-time data, which is essential for day and swing traders, as well as historical charts, strike prices, and more.

One really cool aspect of TradingView is that it has a unique, community-driven model. This has played a large part in how quickly it’s grown in recent years. You can even access some of their basic tools without setting up an account, which can be hard to find in the charting software game.

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Next up is TradeStation, which not only provides robust charts but is also a FINRA and SEC-regulated broker. This is neat because you can count on great charting software from the same platform where you make your trades, helping you do more in one place.

TradeStation is an excellent option for any traders who depend on high-quality charts or who would like to learn more about using charts to make better trades. While beginning traders may be overwhelmed, there are many educational resources and they can learn a lot from what TradeStation has to offer.

Click here to check out TradeStation for yourself.
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MetaStock is all about providing traders with the data and tools they need to make smart entries and exits on their positions. This can be easier said than done, however, and many traders of all skill levels have gotten burned on selling too soon or holding too long.

Fortunately, MetaStock provides powerful scanning, screening, backtesting, and forecasting as part of its robust technical charting platform. Users with MetaStock can count on getting what they need through MetaStock’s Daily Charts (D/C) and Real-Time Charts (R/T). You’ll have to pick one, so be sure to assess your needs before paying more for the real-time data if you won’t be needing it.

To explore all that MetaStock has to offer, click here.
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Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha offers some free resources as well as more robust offerings through its Premium subscription. Traders interested in an all-in-one investing research and recommendation platform in addition to charting software would do well to consider Seeking Alpha. It provides much more than many other charting software platforms, including earning call transcripts, financial statements, stock comparison tools, and much more.

That said, Seeking Alpha’s charting platform is slightly limited compared to some of the specialized charting software platforms reviewed here, such as TradingView and MetaStock. While its charting options are definitely sufficient for most investors, day traders may find themselves wanting more.

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FinViz may not be as popular as some of the other platforms reviewed here, but it is an excellent stock research platform. Users with FinViz can expect robust scanning, screening, and charting. This is in large part because FinViz supports multiple filter and chart styles while also offering real-time data (to premium members, in any case, so you’ll want to choose a paid subscription to get the most out of FinViz).

FinViz may be best known for their screeners but they have beginner-friendly charting tools that just about anyone can use, regardless of their prior investing experience. That said, they have limited chart overlays and indicators compared to some other more chart-focused sites out there.

To explore FinViz for yourself, click here.
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Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas is hard to top if you’re a day or swing trader and after a top-tier research platform. Powered by Holly Grail, its robo-advisor engine, Trade Ideas leverages AI to provide fantastic charts and screeners. Traders can analyze countless potential trading scenarios in just a few clicks, allowing them to make better-informed trades.

Trade Ideas’ charting tools draw from real-time market data and cover both stocks and ETFs. They offer a wide of tools in addition to charts, including nifty custom alerts and watch lists, backtesting, simulated trading, and more.

Click here to check out Trade Ideas.
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TC2000 is one of the industry’s oldest and most reliable sources for screening and charting. The software is critically acclaimed, winning numerous industry awards. Users with TC2000 can expect powerful screeners and charts, with support for more than one-hundred indicator values, custom scans, and much more.

TC2000 uses real-time data, which is ideal for active traders. Its stock charting includes 140 indicators, 7 chart types, and 28 drawing tools, and that’s just the free service. Traders who opt for the premium version will enjoy a powerful suite of research tools.

Click here to check out TC2000’s leading screener.
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Stock Rover

Stock Rover is next up on our list. Like Trade Ideas and TradingView, Stock Rover is well known for its top-tier stock screener, but it also serves as a great platform for charting.

Even Stock Rover’s free service is rather robust, with research available on more than 10,000 stocks and ETFs. Stock Rover also provides 154 different financial indicators and 9 technical analysis indicators, which pales in comparison to some other charting platforms. Nonetheless, it offers a solid platform overall, especially given the value its free service provides.

Check out Stock Rover by clicking here.
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TrendSpider is our final stock charting software and its charts are only one part of a robust platform. TrendSpider offers automated AI chart patterns as well as the ability analyze a ton of data across multiple timeframes. All this at your fingertips gives you a lot to work with as a trader.

Identifying trends is vital for day and swing traders, and TrendSpider’s automated trendline detection can save you a lot of time and energy, especially for beginners to technical analysis.

To check out the power of TrendSpider’s algorithmic trendline detection, click here.
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Wrapping Up

The best stock charting software will deliver great value, including real-time data and a wide range of charting options. Some of the more interesting options leverage the power of AI and algorithms. There are even free options with really comprehensive charting capabilities.

Depending on your unique needs, preferences, and budget, you should consider which option makes the most sense for you. After all, the last thing anyone wants to do is shell out money for something that isn’t right for them.

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